They say a picture is worth a thousand words but we say it’s just from a higher perspective


Our Mission

At SkyRyders LLC, our client’s best interest comes first and everything we do will be guided by safety programs, our values and professional ethics. We will ensure we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards meeting the needs of customers. Our team cultivates a working environment that provides a sustainable approach to earning a living, and meeting the needs of our partners, employees, and our clients.

Skyryders LLC is a registered and licensed full service photography company specializing in aerial drone photography for hire.
We work directly with our customer base in surrounding communities in Virginia, North Carolina, and the mid Atlantic region. We specialize in ground and aerial services creating video, photographs, digital images, Infrared Thermal (IR) images upon request.
Our deliverables includes stunning photographs, dynamic video editing, post editing to unleash the power of the camera, commercial and industrial infrastructure inspection with comprehensible reporting.
We also provide AutoCAD, 3D Modeling, design engineering and technical report writing services.

Call us for a consultation, you won’t be disappointed!
— Thomas Sanford - Chief Pilot, Designer, & Photographer

specializing in the following industries

  • aerial photography

  • aerial videography

  • interior & exterior real estate

  • architecture photography

  • cityscapes, neighborhoods

  • 360 panoramas

  • drone mapping & modeling

  • project planning

  • construction, engineering & project management

  • infrastructure/asset inspections

  • infrared thermal inspections

  • insurance assessments

  • industrial & construction

  • technical writing

  • Auto CAD design & drafting services

  • special events

safety, compliance and insurance

Beginning in June of 2016, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) unveiled the 14CRF Part 107 rules for commercial use. SkyRyders LLC holds a base $1M policy for aviation limited liability insurance to protect property damage and bodily injury that may occur from day-to-day operations. If additional flight insurance is required, we can easily add up to $10M coverage. We maintain hull insurance protection on all or our equipment for any drone damage incurred.

A comprehensive Standard Operations Manual has been developed that outlines our company policy and procedures for flight operations and executing our unmanned flights. It outlines our code of conduct, team safety, pilot and staff workflows, normal and emergency communication procedures, and preflight and post-flight operations.

Our Safety Management System is a formal, top-down approach to managing safety risk assuring the effectiveness of our safety risk controls. Standardized procedures, practices, policies and continued training programs are based on the safety standards required by all the various industries we serve.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is worn to minimize exposure to onsite safety hazards. We complete a job site evaluation and analysis to identify hazards, the risks associated with identified hazards and mitigate our flight plans to remove all known risks. At a minimum, our pilots, visual observers and camera personnel wear safety vest, long pants, steel toe boots and hard hats dependent upon on-site conditions for the protection from flight risks when operating our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

To expand further, the Pre-Flight Safety Analysis reinforces our internal safety commitment by describing job tasks in a step-by-step manner, identifying the associated hazards, and outlining the proper hazard controls to minimize workplace risks when performing tasks.

If necessary, SkyRyders LLC will apply for operational waivers or flight authorizations obtained through the FAA if we are able to demonstrate that the action is required and necessary if we can operate safely in controlled airspace without harming people or property.


our business goal and competitive advantage

Our business goal and competitive advantage is providing actionable solutions for each client using the latest technology. We are aware that there are several aerial drone photography businesses all around the Hampton Roads area which is why we spent time and resources to position our aerial drone photography business in Hampton Roads offering more than our competitors with products and exceptional customer service.

At SkyRyders LLC our client’s best interest come first and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by delivering our client’s needs completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our clients.

Our vision is to build an aerial drone photography company that will advocate for safe unmanned vehicle commerce and have and active presence throughout Hampton Roads and surrounding areas in Virginia and North Carolina.

it’s the creative process that not just a photograph that counts.